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Qualatex 15" Bubble Balloons
Prototype Tests

April 2009
Sacramento, CA


I love doing product tests. I received 4 prototypes of the Qualatex 15" Bubble Balloons that will be out this summer. I was lucky enough to time this 2 week test to include: almost an inch of rain, 35 mph winds and a 55 degree temperature change. Most nights they were on the ground covered in water and pieces of my mulched grass clippings, but they were always up flying the next day. While one became very soft within the first couple of days of abuse, there was enough lift in the others to always get the cluster back up.

The temperature range they handled is quite impressive. But it should be noted that they always had humidity at night. It is unknown if they would be able to handle such extreme temperatures with little or no humidity. Summer weather in East Coast humid environments should be a breeze for this product. West Coast low humidity summers will still need to be tested further before we can say they can handle a 55 degree temperature change.

While the Bubbles became opaque at night when covered with water they were still very clear when up and floating. There was no change during the two weeks to the appearance of the Bubbles.

The 35 mph winds certainly tested the strength of the tying tabs on the product. I tied the 15" Bubbles by the tabs provided in to duplets. Twisted the duplets together and tied 40 lb monofilament around the intersection of the duplets. I really expected them to be gone when I got home from the wind gusts. They were still there, dancing around the chair they were tied to in my backyard. Amazing!

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Date - Temp
Picture at the Time of Observation if Available Observations
Week One
Tuesday 4/7
Temp 49-65 degrees
no pic 6:00 am - Inflated Balloons, 49 degrees, fully inflated, flying high. Started raining in afternoon. Rain late afternoon and night ~ .75 inch
bubbles 6:30 pm, rain, 65 degrees
Wednesday 4/8
Temp 47 - 63 degrees
no pic 6:00 am - balloons on ground, not raining now, but don’t know when it stopped
bubble4/8 5:00 pm, 62 degrees, 53% humidity, winds 10 mph, 2 of the bubbles have about a 3” crease, the other 2 are fully inflated
Thursday 4/9
Temp 46 - 62 degrees
bubble 4/9 6:00 am, 52 degrees, one very soft, one with 3” crease, the other 2 are fully inflated, all flying
no pic 6:00 pm, 55 degrees, light rain in pm and eve, ~ 1/4 inch, balloons on ground
Friday 4/10
Temp 48 - 64 degrees
bubble 4/10 9:00 am, 50 degrees, 70% humidity, balloons sort of on ground, still have some lift despite all of the water droplets covering them
no pic 1:00 pm - floating through the eve
Sat 4/11
Temp 40-69 degrees
bubble 4/11 am 6:30 am, 40 degrees, 98% humidity, balloons on ground, covered with water
bubble 4/11 10:00 am 55 degrees, 64% humidity, balloons up and flying
4/12 Sun
Temp 47 - 76 degrees
bubble 4/12 9:00 am, 57 degrees, 70% humidity, just starting to come off the ground, covered with water droplets
4/13 Mon
Temp 51 - 76 degrees
bubble 4/13 6:00 pm - 75 degrees, 50% humidity - up and flying
Week Two
4/14 Tuesday
Temp 45 - 65 degrees, windy, gusts to 35 mph
bubble 4/14 6:00 am, 46 degrees, 49% humidity, they're flying - these things are amazing
no pic 5:30 pm, 65 degrees, 20% humidity. Balloons are still flying, but more importantly they are still here. When I put them up 8 days ago I tied the tabs together into duplets and twisted the duplets in to a quad. Then I tied 40 lb mono around the criss cross of the duplets. I used mono because I knew I was going to strees them with rain. We had wind today - gusts up to 35 mph. I didn't really expect them to be here when I got home. They are still here and still flying.
4/15 Wed
Temp 41 - 64 degrees
windy, gusts to 20 mph
no pic 6:00 am, 44 degrees, 49% humidity, balloons up and flying

4/16 Thurs
Temp 39-74 degrees

4 16 6 am 6:00 am, 39 degrees, 95% humidity, balloons on ground and covered with water droplets
4 16 5 pm 5:00 pm, 74 degrees, one balloon has been slowly dying but the others are still keeping the cluster up. Can't wait to see if they survive the weekend and possibly 90 degrees.

4/17 Friday
Temp 45 - 79 degrees

no pic 6:00 am, 45 degrees, 80% humidity. Balloons on ground and covered with water droplets.
4 17 10:00 pm, 65 degrees, 62% humidity
4/18 Sat
Temp 48 - 84 degrees
4 18 5:00 pm, 84 degrees
4/19 Sunday
Temp 50 - 89 degrees
4 19 5:00 pm, 89 degrees
4/20 Monday
Temp 54 - 95 degrees
4 20 6:00 am, 56 degrees, 75% humidity, balloons on ground
4 20

5:00 pm, 95 degrees, 17% humidity. While the balloons are floating they no longer have a lot of lift. They are easily bounced around in the 6 mph wind.

All I can say is WOW!

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