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Decor Shapes Class 

Jean Eddy, CBA, FSR, Pioneer Balloon Co.

November 18, 2008



The 38" Gold Taper Swirls make a great flame for candles. 9" Emerald stars are heat sealed down the middle to form the Holly Leaves. Tie the leaves in to duplets and add 3 latex sized to about 2 inches for berries. The columns are 5 balloon clusters - 4 Gold and one Prl Emerald or Prl Ruby for a "Slow Swirl".



Easy ornaments are made with ribbon and 20" Deco Bubbles or 38" Taper Swirls. #40 Metallic is added at the top of the Tapers.

Ornament Snowflake Ornament


The burst can be made from any size of taper 38", 27" or 13". Inflate tapers and tie in to duplets. Twist together just like a cloud, make sure that you twist past midpoint. Takes 20 tapers. Add sparkle collars to some ends for even more glitz.

Taper Burst


Starpoints are tied tip to tip in sets of 3 and then stacked to make this column. The 3' latex is tied to the top of a 5' EMT pipe.

Starpoint Column


Tapers make great additions to hanging decor.



The flower can be made as a single or a double. Tie 8 Tapers in to duplets for each color and twist together. Make clusters of 5 latex for the center of each flower. If doing a double flower tie the 6th latex (center) to the 6th (center) latex for the other side. Be sure to tie the duplet at the very ends of the necks. If all these components are pulled together too tightly, they will not nest well. Stack the components: Cluster of 5 latex > 8 tapers in one color > 8 Tapers in second color > Cluster of 5 latex. Place the the center of each flower through the middle to hold all in place and adjust as needed.

Gold Silver Poinsetta Silver Poinsetta Red Poinsetta Red Green Poinsetta


Swag is made by tying Tapers end to end. Two four balloon clusters of 5 inch were placed at the knots with a Sparkle Collar in the cluster.



Starpoints are inflated and their points taped together with 2" clear plastic tape. It was then hung. After class we played with the idea of removing the center Starpoint and putting in a 3' latex. Fully inflated the 3' is slightly smaller than the hole. We liked the idea of hanging the 3' in the hole. We thought a 3' White latex with the Light Up Balloon Stick inside could be a very cool look.



Starpoints were tied end to end in sets of 3. 260's were used to tie the sets of 3 together at the tips into a star shape. Be sure to tie the starpoints up a little from the end so the hole in the center is small enough to be snug on the inflated 36" Star that is stuck in the middle to stabalize the shape. Another way to stabalize the shape is to hang it from 3 points (the top center and two outside tips).

Starpoint Star Starpoint Hung


A Happy Class :-)


Images from Pioneer Art Dept.

fit shapes  flower  taper ball  Poinsettia  star pointsTriangle stack column

Linda Bruce has been creating more designs as she teaches the deco shapes around the world.
burst   clumn    taper star  star

We were asked if you could use the new shapes to make a wall. The colors are different so you can see the pieces easily. We used the 40" startpoint and the 27" taper. They pieces were attached at the points with glue dots. We then tried a flower and a duplet as methods of hiding the mechanics. The edges could be folded under on the outside edges for a cleaner look as well. We hung this by one point with mono in the showroom. After 2 days we came in to find parts on the floor. Not sure why, but more rigging points might solve the problem.
 diag    horizontal     quad         duplet 

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