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Valentine's Class 

Linda Bruce, CBA
Pioneer Balloon Company
January 15, 2008
Linda & Jean
Linda Bruce and Jean Eddy start the class by sucking all the distractions out of their heads.

bubbleThis Bouquet has a quad of undersized 11" with a quad of 6" Hearts as a base. The Flower at the base is the inside of a 24" Leaves Flower Double Bubble. Bubbles floating with helium have quads of 6" Hearts and #9 poly ribbon. 2 Double Bubble Leaves Flower. A 24" Deco Bubble with a 16" Blossom inside. And a 24" Deco Bubble with the same latex as the quad on the base. When fully inflated Bubbles will float for weeks.
lb4Column is 20" Deco Bubbles with 11" latex inside. Bubbles are connected by applying 2 Hang-a-Tabs at the top of each bubble. Helium only in the 36" foil at the top.

 LB5Column has 2 pairs of 16" Blossoms tied top to top with a matching 160Q through  their center holes. Helium in top quad of 11" latex and 36" foil topper.
LB624" Floating Hearts Double Bubble has quad of 6" hearts at top and two quads at base. Base also has the inside of a 24" Floating Hearts Double Bubble. Two curled 160Qs are tied together with a 5 petal 260Q flower at the middle connecting knot. Add a line of monofilament from the Double Bubble to the base.
LB7Column is made on a base plate and 6' EMT pipe. Starting from the bottom place quad of undersized 11", quad of 260Q's and quad of 5".  Pull one 260Q between each balloon in the 5" Quad. This anchors the 260Q's at the bottom. Wrap 260Q around the pipe. Halfway up squeeze air out of 260Q, twist each balloon. Then take another 260Q and tie around pole and 4 260Q to secure. Deflate tips of 260Q and tie off in pairs. Add 1 quad of 5", a quad of 260Q and another 5" quad. Pull one 260Q between each balloon on 5" quad. Use uninflated tips of 260Q from bottom half of the pole to secure the 5" quads to the bottom. Wrap the 260Q and tie off as you did the bottom set. Complete column with quad of 5", 11" and top foil. Inflate moons and tape the tail up. Attach a 260Q to each tip of the moon and tie in to column.

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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