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Image Luau Cool Guy1.  To make the base and body, air inflate four 11" Tropical Hibiscus Flowers to 9" and tie into a four balloon cluster. We used Jewel Lime, Magenta, Sapphire and Mandarin Orange. Tie the cluster to a sand weight.  Make the sand weight with a 16" latex balloon filled to softball size, then flattened on the bottom. Air inflate one Mocha Brown 646 leaving a 1" uninflated tip. Tie 646 into cluster of Tropical Hibiscus Flowers. Air inflate four 5" Jewels in the same colors as the Tropical Hibiscus Flowers to 4" and tie into a four balloon cluster. Twist around the base of the of the 646 Mocha so the cluster nests into the Tropical Hibiscus cluster.

2. To make the head inflate the 18" Keep Cool Lime Green with helium. Inflate four 5" Jewels in the same colors as the base to 4" and tie into a four balloon cluster. Tie the four balloon cluster to the uninflated tip of the 646 Mocha Brown. Tie an uninflated 260/160  below the valve on the 18" foil. Pull the 260/160 attached to the foil into the center of the cluster so the foil sets tight into the cluster and wrap the line around the cluster to secure the head.

3. To make the arms inflate two 350 Mocha Brown leaving a four inch uninflated tip and tie.  Starting at the knot end of the 350 Mocha, measure 2" from the knot and twist. Measure 4" and make another twist. Fold the second bubble in half to make a pinch twist. Repeat on second arm. Tie the uninflated tips of the two 350's together and insert through the neck of the clusters below the 18" foil.  To make the bends in the 350's for the "elbows" fold the 350 where you want the elbow to be, squeeze and release.

4. To make the hula skirt fully inflate 12 Orange 160's, burp and tie. Fold each 160 in half and make a 1.5" pinch twist. To make the waist band of the skirt inflate one 160 Orange leaving a 10 inch uninflated tip and tie.   Take the partially inflated "waist band" 160 and make a  1" bubble at the knot end. Twist the pinch twist on one of the fully inflated 160's into this twist. Repeat until all of the skirting is attached to the waist band. Check skirt around body to ensure fit. Cut off the end of the 160 waist band, let the air escape and tie off the 160. Wrap the skirt around the 646 Mocha and tie the two ends of the waist band together.  Use 2-3 glue dots to attach the waist band of the skirt to the 646.

5. To make the flower make two six petal flowers, one orange and one purple. Place the purple flower directly on top of the orange flower with the petals of each flower offset. Take the back of the first petal of the purple flower and pull it clear through the orange flower all the way to the back. Repeat this process with each petal of the purple flower. Inflate a 3/4" bubble in a yellow 160, tie and knot next to the bubble. Put the yellow 160 bubble in the center of the flower and pull the uninflated tail through to the other side of the flower. A tulip twist in the 160 yellow will add pizzaz.

6.  To make the flower stem fully inflate a 160 green burp and tie. Fold in half and twist. Measure 6" from the midpoint twist and twist, fold over to make a large pinch twist. Repeat on other side of midpoint twist thus making two leaves. Make a 1" pinch twist on each of the ends next to the leaf - this will make a 90 degree angle on the stems. Turn the balloon so the leaves are at the bottom  and the remaining ends are pointing up and spiral the two ends together. Make a small twist to secure the two ends together.

7. To attach the flower to the hand spread open the bottom loop of the stem of the flower and insert the thumb of the hand. Pull the pinch twist of the bottom of the flower stem into the pinch twist of the hand.

8. For a final touch take a couple of 1" leis and insert across the cluster below the head. Adjust so everything is facing the directions you want.


After inflating release a  small amount of air before tying the balloon

Pinch Twist
This twist works well to make ears, a pig nose, hands, elbows, hips, eyes, lips, the center of a wheel, a cycle light, motorcycle engine, birds feet, rooster comb, snake rattles, an owls beak, and those little mechanical helpers that give us angles where we need them. Make a bubble. image of eartwist Then fold the bubble in half and twist the two ends together. pinch twist The size of the bubble determines what the use is for. Often, as when making a bear or cat, a one inch bubble is used, by having the edge that looks like the ear canal pointing forward on the head it looks like a cat, pointing to the sides of the head it looks more like a bear.  Pinch Twist instructions from  Balloon HQ.

Six Petal Flower
Fully inflate a 160Q and burp before tying. Tie the two ends together to make a loop. Locate the point in the loop directly opposite the knot and twist the balloon at the point to make two bubbles of equal length. Six petal flower image 1Hold the two bubbles together on both hands. Divide the two bubble into thirds, twisting them together to make three equal sections. three equal sectionsFold the sections together to make a cluster of six bubbles. Grasp the cluster of six bubbles in both hands. With one hand at each end of the cluster, bring the twists at the two ends of the cluster together and twist to make six equal loops. six petal flowerAdust the loops as needed to complete the flower's petals.

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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