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Lantern & Pirate



The Lantern is a great balloon that lets you mix sizes to get the balloon to look just right, you can use a clear 6" Link-O-Loon but I prefer the Clear 646 because it gives it more of a lantern shape.

To begin, stuff the Flames 5" Yellow inside the clear 646 and inflate the 646 to about 8", then pull the nozzle of the Flames out of the 646 and inflate it to about 4" and tie them both off together. This will take a try or two but it's not too difficult after some practice.

Lanter 1

Fully inflate a red 6" Geo Bloosom and tie, stuff the knots of the clear 646 and Flames through the hole of the
Geo. I like to take a scrap of 260 and tie it to the 646, stretch it to the knot of the Geo and tie it to lock the 646 to the base.

Lantern 2

Inflate the red 6" Link-O-Loon, thread the knot through the hole of the other 6" Geo Blosom and tie it to the top of the bubble in the 646 then discard the rest of the 646. Inflate the red Geo to complete the lantern.

Lanter 3


To take it a step farther take a Red Glow stick and stuff it into the flames before you start, then add a 260 as the handle of the lantern.


We start with a Black 260, inflate it leaving about 5" uninflated and tie. Make four 5" bubbles and tie them into a diamond shape. Twist the four bubbles into a cluster like a pumpkin. Now make one more 5" bubble and roll it through to lock it in place. Pop and tie off the rest of the balloon (save this scrap), this will create the vest. Take a white 260 and inflate it to 16" and tie off. Make two 1" ear twists, a 5" bubble, two 1" ear twists, a 5" bubble and two more 1" ear twists, pop and tie off but save the scrap because you will need it soon. Lock the middle set of ear twists at the top of the vest like this.

Pirate 1    Pirate 2

I like my Pirate to have a hook so take a Silver 160 and inflate it to about 4" and tie off. Form a hook and tie it into one set of ear twists for his hook. Tie a knot close to the hook and cut it off close to the knot, again save the rest. Inflate the scrap of White 260 to about 5" and tie to the ear twist that is for his neck. Wrap this into the two ear twists at the top of the vest. Tie the tail to the bottom for the rest of his shirt, so now you have a six bubble vest. I like to tuck the arms in between the front and back like so.

Pirate 3

Take a scrap of blush and make your favorite hand design or make mine, a 1" bubble and a 3" loop twist. The Loop will hold the sword later. Tie the loop to the other set of ear twists (his wrist). Take the 5" Pirate Skull Black and inflate it to about 3" tie it to the neck.

Pirate 4

Inflate a red 260 to about 10" and tie off. Make two 1" ear twists, a 3" bubble and run the rest through the bottom of the vest. Now make a 3" bubble and two 1" ear twists pop and tie off the rest.

Pirate 5

Inflate the red 160 to about 12" and tie off. Make a 2" bubble, a 1" ear twist and wrap the balloon around the waist of the Pirate locking it back to the ear twist for a sash. Make another 2" bubble, pop and tie off the rest.

Pirate 6  Pirate 7

I like brown boots so inflate a Brown 260 to about 10" and tie off. Make a 1" ear twist (I bet you're tired of these by now) a 3" loop, a 2" bubble, twist this bubble into the two 1" ear twists in the Red 260. Make a soft 1" bubble and twist the balloon to the other set of Red 1" ear twists, make a 2" bubble, a 3" loop twist and one more 1" ear twist. Pop the soft bubble.

Pirate 9   Pirate 10

If you want a peg leg just skip the second boot and inflate the scrap of black leftover from the vest and tie it to the ear twist.

If you have not made the sword yet then inflate the leftover Silver 160, run the knot through the loop in his hand and make a Sword.

Pirate 8  Pirate 11  Pirate 12

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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