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Halloween Screams


Halloween is the best time to be a balloon twister, you get to make Costumes, Vampires, Scare Crows, Masks and you get to use more 5" Ghost Face Balloons and Flames 5" Yellow balloons than any other time of the year.

Starting simple, let's make a Hitch Hiker with the 5" Ghost Mask on it.  Make a  standard two balloon body and throw the 5" Ghost Face Mask on it and your done.

Now a little more detailed design, the
Ghost Face Guy complete with a robe.

You will need:
    2 - black 260s
    1 - 5" Ghost Face Mask Balloon
    2 - Black 160s

Cut the 160s in half and tie the nozzle of one of them. Then inflate three of the four pieces. Twist them in the middle and twist them all together for a squid shape (6 legs)


Next inflate a 260 leaving a 3" tail and tie it off. Make a 1" bubble, a loop twist (desired size for a foot) and four 5" bubbles. Make another loop twist (same desired size for a foot) and a 1" bubble. Pop and tie any leftover balloon. Twist the middle 5" bubbles together for his body. You should have this.


The arms are easy, inflate a 260 leaving about 6" and tie it off. make a 1" bubble, a loop twist (hand sized) and a 5" bubble for his arm. Now make two 1" bubbles and ear twist them both. Make another 5" bubble for the other arm and another hand leaving a 1" bubble. Pop and tie off any leftover balloon.


Take the squid that you made first and lock the middle to the two ear twists that you just made (three on each side), then using the last 160 piece tie the squid around his waist for the robe. Inflate the 5" Ghost Face balloon to 3 to 4" and tie it to the ear twists as well.


Now onto a Fireman Hat.

(This will not be step by step photos as this is just my version of Ralph Dewey's Fireman Hat).

You will need:
    2 - Red 260s   
    1 - Flames 5" Round

Start with a Red 260 blown up leaving a small tail, not even an inch and tie it. Make a 1" bubble and ear twist it, now wrap the balloon around the fireman's head and connect it to the ear twist. Make a 4 to 5" bubble and loop the rest of the 260 over the bubble making a 1" bubble in the tail of the balloon and connecting it there. Split that loop in half so you have this.


Fully inflate the other red 260 and make it into a loop, tying the nozzle and end together. Twist off a third of it like so.


Twist it onto the hat that you just made with the smaller part in the front and the bigger part in the back.

photo7   photo 8

Inflate the Flames 5" Yellow to about 4" and tie it high on the nozzle. Make a 1" pinch twist at the nozzle end and twist it into the top of the hat.


A quick fire extinguisher can be made with a red 646.

Now to start the fire we need a BOMB !!!!!!!!!

It's just a fully inflated 11" Red round tied to a silver 260 inflated to about 12" with two 1" ear twists at each end and a 5" Flames tied to the other end.

photo 10

Have fun with it guys and have a great Halloween.

Michael Philo

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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