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Welcome everyone to the new and exciting world of single dipped 321s! There are so many things that can be done with these balloons I can not list them all but I will list my favorites. When I first heard of these I thought the White would make a good mouse, but when I tried it I didn't like it but thought it looked like a great elephant and I will share those instructions along with many others below.

In a lot of the figures below I tell you to inflate the balloon to the point where it is normally double dipped or starts to taper down then squeeze the air into the tip. I do this to keep the balloon soft and it works well for me.

Let's start with a Penguin made from four 321s and two 260s.

You will need

3 Black 321s as the Penguin Body

1 White 321 as the front of body and eyes

1 Orange or Goldenrod 260Q for his Beak and Feet

1 White 260 for his cheeks

Inflate two of the Black 321s to the point that is normally double dipped and tie them together. Now squeeze the air all the way up into the tips, twist them off at the point where they are tapered and twist them together so you have this.

Pengui 1

Inflate the white 321 to the same point as before and tie it. Again force the air into the tail and now make a 1" bubble followed by two 2" bubbles and lock it together so you have this.

Penguin 2

Do almost the same with the last Black 321 but this time twist the 1" bubble around the eyes and bring one of the 2" bubbles over the eyes and twist them together so you have this.

Penguin 3

Tie the tail of the White 321 to the other knot and squish out a 1 or 2" bubble out of the last Black 321, run this through the knots for his tail. Tuck the Black tips down in between the Black and White 321s for his arms.

Penguin 4

Inflate the Orange 260 to about 12" and tie it in a loop. Now split it in half so you have two equal loop twists for feet. Wrap this around the tail. Inflate the other half of the Orange 260 to about 3" and squeeze the air to the very tip. Tie it between the eyes for a beak. Now inflate the White 260 to about 10" and tie it in a loop. Split it in half and tuck them between the eyes and his body for cheeks.

Penguin 5


Letís move on to the hardest one (ha ha!) which only takes a Lime Green 321 blown up to about 4" and tied. Now apple twist this and tie a Green 5" round around the knot for a green apple.

green apple

Palm Tree

Ok that was a warm up for this one. By now everyone has seen Don Caldwell's Monkey in the Palm Tree hat so I am not going to show you step by step but take six Lime Green 321s fully inflated, all the way to the tip and tie them all together and you get one heck of a palm tree top.

palm tree

White 321 Elephant

You will need

1 White 321

2 White 260s

This one is my favorite use for the 321s. Start by taking the White 260s and cutting them both in half (with practice this can be done with just one White 260). Again inflate the White 321 to the point where it tapers off and tie. Fully inflate one of the 230s that you made (half of a White 260) and tie the ends together. Split it into two equal size bubbles and loop twist them to form the ears. Twist at the point where you want his trunk to be, I like to twist it where it tapers and twist the ears around it. Shape the ears to the desired ear shape and bend the trunk.

elephant 1

Add this to a Hat and you are done.

Or, now inflate another one of the white 230s leaving about a 3" tail and tie it off. Split it into two legs. Repeat and set 1 set aside. Make a small bubble in the 321 for a neck and then make the same size bubble and pinch twist it. Attach one set of the legs to this pinch twist. At the end of the 321 make another small bubble and pinch twist it. Add the second set of legs to this pinch twist making sure to leave the tail out for the tail.

elephant 2   elephant 3

Rabbit Hat

This takes 2 White 321s

2 White 260s and a few scraps of Black 260

This one is pretty simple and it only takes about three minutes to make. Start with one of the white 260s, fully inflate it and tie it off. Make a 1" bubble and Pinch Twist it. Wrap the balloon around the person's head and twist it at that point. Make another 1" pinch twist and lock them together. Break and tie off the leftover balloon. You may want to save this to help attach the eyes in a minute. Set this aside for a minute. Inflate both the White 321s to the same point as always. Push the air all the way up to the tip of the balloon and twist them at the point where it begins to taper off and twist them together as his ears. Split the rest of the 321s in half and twist them together so you have this.

rabbit hat 1

Now take the other White 260 and inflate it about half way. Make a 1" ear twist then three 3" bubbles and make a bird body. Lock the rest of the balloon around the two ends of the 321s and make a 4" bubble for one of his eyes, wrap it around the ears and make another 4" bubble locking it to the bird body again. Take the longer of the 321 tails and bring it up to the ears, tie it around the ears. Make two 6" bubbles in the 260, if you got lucky then there will be about a 1 or 2" bubble left at the tail which will help hold the cheeks in place. Make the 6" bubbles into loop twists for his cheeks.

rabbit hat 3

Take one of the black 260 scraps or a full Black 260 and make a 1" ear twist in it, lock this around the ear twist in front of the bird body muzzle. Take the remaining black 260 and cut it in half for whiskers or use the scraps as whiskers.

rabbit 4

Now all that's left is to tie the neck to the hat that you made first.

rabbit hat 5 

If you had trouble with the eyes try making the eyes but donít attach them to the ears, just use the scrap from the hat and tie them in place.


(Advanced twisters probably can do this just by looking at the finished product)

You are going to need

1 Black 321

1 5" Spider Eyes

2 Clear 260s.

Fully inflate the Black 321 all the way to the tail, burp it and tie it off. Inflate the Spider Eyes to about 3" and tie it to the 321. Now make a 1 to 2" bubble in the 321 and ear twist it. Repeat. Now fully inflate one of the Clear 260s and tie it end to end. Split it in half and make it into two loop twists. Tuck them in between the ear twists for the front set of wings.

dragonfly 1      dragonfly 2

Inflate the second clear 260 leaving a 6" tail and tie it off. Make two 1" ear twists and then tie the tail to them. Again split it in half with the ear twists on the top and bottom. Make a bubble in the 321 at the point where it tapers down and wrap the ear twist around it for the second set of wings.

This is a really great design and even better on a hat.

dragonfly 3

In the next issue of the 321 World you will learn

Using the Lime Green 321 as A Goblin Head

Using the Yellow 321 for a Bird Beak for a Toucan

You will also learn to make a

Flashlight, a Torch, a Fish, a Devil and a Scorpion.

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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