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Lorna & Lorinda New Year's Explosions

Adapted and Created
Lorna Ferrell, CBA & Lorinda Ferrell, CBA


New Year's Eve can be a huge money maker especially if you can sell decor that can be air-filled ahead of time. These Explosions, when hung from the ceiling will spin with the air currents in the room. The Palm Tree provides coordinating decor for entrances, etc. The Connect-a-Dot part of this decor could be made weeks or even months ahead of time, saving you time, and letting you make more money for New Year's Eve.

These instructions assume that you know how to "inflate and tie (to seal)" a Connect-a-Dot and how to do a "Connect-a-Dot Knot (twist twice and then tie a square knot)". To learn how to make these two knots see the link below to watch instructional videos.

Explosion: Inflate two Silver 350Qs with air and tie into duplets. These Explosions have approximately 18 duplets. Twist the duplets together until the Explosion is as full as you desire.

Medallion: Inflate and tie (to seal) Silver Connect-a-Dot Connectors (number varies depending on Medallion design). Tie the Silver Connectors in a vertical line using the Connect-a-Dot Knot (twist twice and then tie a square knot). Make the vertical line of Connectors as long as you want the Medallion to be (#1). Tie the additional Connectors on to each side of the vertical line. Tie one tip to the string and then lay flat to determine exactly where to tie the next two tabs (#2). You want the Medallion to lay flat. If you try to tie the second and third tab while holding it in the air, it is unlikely your Medalion will lay flat when you are done. When you have the Medallion the size and shape you want, trim all tabs on the sides past the factory sealed tab, leaving the top and bottom tabs. Trim all tabs sticking out from your Connect-a-Dot Knots. Use the top and bottom tab to attach monofilament (#4). For a cleaner look, be sure the the points that are sticking out on the sides are the factory sealed tabs (#3). Use the monofilament to hang the Medallion and tie into the 350Q Explosion.

2006: 14" Silver Meg Jr. are attached together using 2" clear plastic tape. Tie monofilament to the top and then tie into the Explosion.

Trunk of Palm Tree: Place six foot piece of 1/2 inch EMT pipe on a base plate. Cover top of pipe with a Silver 350Q before attaching Explosion. Inflate and tie (to seal) 27 White Connect-a-Dot Connectors and 6 Silver Connect-a-Dot Connectors.
Tie 3 Connectors together into a strip using the Connect-a-Dot Knot (twist twice and then tie a square knot).

Next connect the two ends to make a triangle (top and side view of triangle is shown). Trim all ends. Make 9 triangles in white and 2 in silver.

Now drop the triangles onto the EMT pipe - 3 white - 1 silver - 3 white - 1 silver - 3 white. Each triangle rotates 60 degrees from the previous one - just like nesting latex in a garland.


Other Decor Ideas: While this decor has a New Year's Eve theme it can go so many directions. To get your creative juices started here are some ideas...
- Make smaller Explosions to hang in between the larger Explosions. Inflate Silver 350Qs, burp them and tie. Trim knot. Pinch twist several together at the midpoint of the Silver 350Q.
- Without the Medallion the Explosions could work for an Outer Space Theme.
- A mixture of Connectors and Dots in white and silver could make large Snowflakes.
- Green Connectors or Dots could make a long lasting Christmas Tree.
- The Connector column used for the Palm Tree Trunk could be the columns for a gazebo or dance floor canopy with Connect-a-Dot Dots or String of Pearl arch as the top. The column has a very sleek look.
- The Connect-a-Dot product does extremly well in heat so you could make a gazebo or an arch on EMT for an outdoor summer event that could last for days. Sell a Connect-a-Dot Gazebo for an outdoor event, e.g. business booth at a festival/fair. 

Event Photos: December, 2005, Balloon Creations by Carolyn, Sacramento, CA


350Q Silver

Instructional Connect-a-Dot Videos

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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