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Jean Eddy, CBA
Pioneer Balloon Company
February 20, 2008

PresentTwo 5" Quads are "tied" together with a 160Q. A second 160Q is attached and looped for the bow. A Third 160Q makes a bow at the bottom of the Bubble Balloon. The Bubble Balloon is attached to a sand weight which is in between the two stacked quads. Helium only in the Bubble.

Pot of GoldPot of Gold is made from 16" Black Geo Donut with a Black 260Q attached to the top of the Donut with Glue Dots. Gold 260Q's are attach through the hole in the Donut to a sand weight. Emerald 260Q's add a splash of green to the pot of gold. All air.

columnPedastal is made of 2 quads of undersized 11" latex. Four 646Q's are tied through the quads. Foil balloon as a ribbon pulled down through the quads. All Air. Sand weight at the bottom stabalizes this easy floor decor.

Picture FrameFrame is made from 646Q with quads of 5" at the corners. Foil is tied to frame with 10 pound monofilament. Frame is all air and hung from ceiling with a ClickMagnet and monofilament. Foil can be filled with helium and tied at bottom of frame OR filled with air and hung with Hang-a-Tabs and tied to the top of the frame. Frame and foil spin separately for a cool effect.

Pacifier24" Deco Bubble is used to make a gum ball and filled with helium. 16" Geo Blossom and 350Q are filled with air. Don't forget, Bubbles have a lot of lift and float for weeks.

moonsLay four 36" Moons flat on a table stacked on top of each other. Tie the tips top and bottom together with a 260Q, rubberband, etc. Air inflate moons. Attach 5" quads to the valve on the back of the moon. Hang with  ClickMagnet. Place one set of quads pushed in to the space between the 4 moons to keep the moons spaced. Other ideas for decorating the ball of 4 moons: Hang a Sparkle Ribbon from the top of the moons and another Sparkle ribbon from the bottom of the moons; Suspend a 20" star in the middle of the moons; Add 260Q's to the bottom of the Moons; A bunch of curling ribbon hanging from the bottom; Put a 3' in the middle of the Moons. Remember the Cresent Moon comes in all kinds of fun colors.

curl ribbonAn easy and decorative way to organize your pre cut curling ribbon. Make a loop from a pipe cleaner. Attach it to the ring of a ClickMagnet. A quad hides the mechanics. The curling ribbon can be easily pulled out of the loop for use when you need it. Ribbon stays organized and makes a decorative display in your shop.

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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