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April 2009
Jean Eddy, CBA, Pioneer Balloon


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 Baseball Bubble Stack 22" Baseball Bubble Balloons have 5" quads under each balloon. Bottom Baseball is tied in to quad of 5" and then 11" latex.


Basketball Bubble Stack Soccerball Bubble Stack Columns of Sports ball 22" Bubble Balloons are air filled and connected with a pair of Hang-a-Tabs.

Smile Flower on Spring Bubbles Column of air filled 22" Spring Floral Patterns Bubble in connected with 2 hang-a-tabs. 5" quads hide the hang-a-tabs. Quads of 11" blue agates top and bottom. Funny Face Flower is helium filled at top.


Racing Flag column Column is made on base plate and 1/2 inch EMT pipe. 11" Racing flags quads top and bottom. 16" black Geo Donuts are stacked on pipe alternating with quads of 5". Two 260Q's are curled and tied to each Geo Donut knot. Top 3' Racing Flag is new to our Private Reserve Line. Insert Sparkle Collars in to the 5" quads for added wow factor.


Dolphin Column Column is made on baseplate and 7' tall 1/2 inch EMT pipe. Pole is wrapped with white and dark blue 260Q's. From bottom to top quads of round balloons are sized as follows:
Bottom - 10" (blue and green agates), 8" (blue and green agates), 4" (dark blue and lime 5")
Middle - 4" (dark blue and lime 5"), 6" (blue and green agates), 4" (dark blue and lime 5")
Top - 4" (dark blue and lime 5"), 8" (blue and green agates), 10" (blue and green agates)
Top is 24" Jumping Dolphin Double Bubble.
Dolphins on side are the dolphin cut out of the Double Bubbles. They can be attached to the pole with glue dots or hang-a-tabs (or packing tape) can be attached to the dolphin and tied in to the column with a 260Q.


Flower Column Tie cluster of 5 11" Green Agates sized to 8" to weight. Tie in cluster of 5" Lime sized to 4". Use 160Q lime to make "stems" and leaves on stems for Bubble Balloons. Use 260Q's to make grass at bottom of arrangement.


Pirate Ship Column Baseplate and 6' pole of 1/2 inch EMT pipe. Bottom and top of column are quads of 11" Pirate Skull & Cross Bones sized to 10.5", 9" and 7". Center of column are quads of 5" red and 5" white size to 4.5". Top is 40" Pirate Ship foil tied in with 260Q. Chain is braid of 160Q Gold. 18" Bday Mate Pirate Ship foil are attached in column with glue dots or hang-a-tabs (or packing tape) can be attached to the dolphin and tied in to the column with a 260Q. Anchor could be added using 350Q Gold



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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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